ELEAGUE Partnership Detailed

ELEAGUE Partnership Detailed

On Feburary 11th ELEAGUE and Psyonix announced a business and event partnership. The deals include a show about the next two seasons of RLCS, Turner Sports handling advertising and sponsorships for the next two seasons of RLCS, and ELEAGUE hosting the Spring Invitational at the NCAA Final Four Fan Fest. Over the past week, Andrew Hayward has released two follow up articles on the partnership. The first announces that TBS is broadcasting a highlight show on April 12th for the Spring Invitational and that AXE is sponsoring the event. The second discusses the move of league operations from Twitch to Psyonix, why Turner Sports is taking over advertising and sponsorship, and future plans for Rocket League esports.

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Regional RLCS qualifiers for Europe, North America, Oceania, and South America are took place last weekend. Learn more:

-Europe: Qualifier #2 -North America: Qualifier #2 -Oceania: Qualifier #1 and #2 -South America: Qualifier #2

The Japanese 1NE Glory Stone and Saudia Arabian Osh-Tekk Warriors are sitting top of the table in the Asia Pro League after three weeks. Week 4 takes place next Saturday for the premier Asian league. Learn more...

The University of Redlands (Western) and the University of Central Florida (Southern) have qualified for the Spring Invitational at the NCAA Final Four Fest. Eastern Conference begins play Monday, March 11th. Similarly, the collegiate CStarLeague playoffs begin March 16th. Learn more...

League of Rockets showcases the second match in the King-of-the-Hill series on Monday, March 11th. Learn more...

Rocket Baguette announced the third season of Rocket Baguette Rising Stars. Teams competing in the Championship Series and Rival Series are not allowed to compete in RBRS, allowing bubble teams a chance to competete in a league play competition. RBRS is adopting a national competition structure similar to European football. Nations or regions host a league with the top teams receiving invites to the premier European League. Rocket Baguette is hosting the Star League, a French region (France, Belgium, Switzerland) league.




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