Cross-Platform Parties Launches in Next Update

Cross-Platform Parties Launches in Next Update

Coming off the announcement of cross-platform play, detailed below, Psyonix revealed that the long-waited cross-platform party system, Friends List (previously Rocket ID), releases in the next update. The next update also includes Competitive Season 10; players receive wheels and titles based on their Competitive Season 9 ranks.

Rocket League became the 2nd ever fully cross-platform game, only behind Fortnite, when it entered the PlayStation Cross-Play Beta program. Previously, the player base was divided into two pools: PC and PS4 or PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Now, players are now able to compete against each other regardless of platform. Presumably, queue times should decrease because the number of players in queue has increased. We should also begin to see tournament organizers include all platforms in future tournaments. DreamHack took the imitative and opened registration to all platforms in last weekend's qualifiers.

Psyonix partnered with Jazwares for the release of customizable battle-car toys. They are available for purchase in Target stores around the United States. Read more...

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The fourth and final Renegade Cup monthly (EU, NA) concludes today. Tune in to Europe at .tv/FlamesTV and North America at .tv/MythicalEsports.

The WSOE 4: Rocket League Showdown takes place this weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada. Cloud9, NRG, Dignitas, TSM, and 2 unannounced teams have been invited, while FlipSid3 Tactics (EU), PSG (EU), G2 (NA), and Afterthought (NA) qualified. Learn more...

DreamHack wrapped up qualifiers for DreamHack Leipzig this past weekend. compLexity (EU), Team Secret (EU), Bread (NA), and Ghost (NA) advanced to the main event in Germany. Cloud9, Dignitas, NRG, and TSM were directly invited. Teams may sign-up to acquire one of the remaining twenty-four spots at the main event.

In collegiate esports, the CStarLeague Spring Season is in the midst of Week 3 of group play. Meanwhile, the College Carball Association announced the Spring Series, a multi-invitational to championship tournament. Teams compete in any of the three invitationals to advance to the Spring Series Championship.




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