Rival Series Holds Play-Ins This Weekend

Rival Series Holds Play-Ins This Weekend

Teams from Europe and North America have battled over the past month for 128 spots for this weekend's play-ins. 4 teams in Europe and 6 teams in North America have a chance at qualifying for Rival Series. Make sure to bookmark the brackets to stay up-to-date.

What else is happening in RLEsports?

Progression Update Releases Today

The Progression Update drops at 10AM PT today and includes Progression 2.0 and Clubs. Rocket Pass goes live the week after.

Progression 2.0 makes changes to the XP and item drop system. XP levels are no longer capped and are unlocked from level-to-level at the same XP amount. Additionally, random drops are being replaced with drops from leveling up.

Clubs is a new social feature that allows up to 20 players to group up under one banner as a team. Players are able to name the club and create a custom tag.

Rocket Pass is a new reward system similar to Fortnite's Battle Pass and PUBG's Event Pass. Players earn Pass Tiers by leveling up. Pass Tiers then unlock new cosmetic items in two tracks, free and premium. For $9.99, players can unlock the premium track, which rewards additional and different items from the free track.

For a detailed description of everything included in today's update, read the patch notes.




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