Progression 2.0, Rocket Pass Release Late August

Progression 2.0, Rocket Pass Release Late August

The latest feature update releases at the end of August. Progression 2.0 and Rocket Pass are included. However, cross-platform parties have been pushed to September.

Progression 2.0 makes changes to the XP and item drop system. XP levels are no longer capped and are unlocked from level-to-level at the same XP amount. Additionally, random drops are being replaced with drops from leveling up.

Rocket Pass is a new reward system similar to Fortnite's Battle Pass and PUBG's Event Pass. Players earn Pass Tiers by leveling up. Pass Tiers then unlock new cosmetic items in two tracks, free and premium. For $9.99, players can unlock the premium track, which rewards additional and different items from the free track.

Rival Series Qualifiers Continue

Last weekend 32 teams, including Splyce, Bread, The D00ds, etc., advanced through the first qualifier (EU, NA) to the early September play-in. 96 more teams compete for play-in spots in qualifiers over the next 2 weeks.

The Summer Open and Skirmish showmatches hosted by Dazerin help teams prepare for the play-in weekend.

Outside of Rival Series, teams were finalized for the Universal Open Grand Final. And, the WorldGaming Canadian Challenge takes place in Toronto this weekend.




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