Universal Open Continues

Universal Open Continues

The Universal Open progressed through the open qualifier stages over the past several weeks. Now, teams are playing through the online closed qualifier stages. Advancing teams in North America move onto offline regional qualifiers in July. The top regional teams advance to the finals in Connecticut in August.

TexasRL hosts GigaLAN

GigaLAN is a unique event in the Rocket League community. Sponsored by Google, it features a tournament, casted by Dazerin and Vodible, and streams from community personalities in the region: Athena, PhantomAce, Rizzo. The doors open to the public at 1PM local time on Saturday at the Google Fiber Space in Austin, Texas.

Regional Leagues

Region League Progress Liquipedia Octane
ASC Asia Pro League Week 7 Link Link
OCE Gfinity Australia Week 5 Link Link
SAM SAM Championship Week 5 Link Link




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