Salty Shores Releases

Salty Shores Releases

The Salty Shores Update released yesterday, introducing:

  • A Report Server button
  • Competitive Season 8
  • Rocket League X Monstercat Vol. 3
  • The Salty Shores Arena
  • The Twinzer
  • And Shitty Watercolour Items

It also revelead a bug with the the Merc, which has to be re-unlocked. Colored variations are not visible in the garage. For more information on known bugs and issues, see the official thread.

In June, expect to see the next in-game event, Beach Blast, and the release of a new licensed battlecar.

World Championship Up Next

Flipsid3 won the month-long Ballistix Brawl on Sunday, marking the end of the World Championship preview events. Teams from across the world are flying into London in preparation for the event next week. Worlds open on June 8th with the best from Oceania, Chiefs, against Evil Geniuses.




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