DC Super Heroes and Future Updates

DC Super Heroes and Future Updates

The DC Super Heroes DLC Pack dropped yesterday in the latest patch (v1.42). For $3.99 USD, players receive The Dark Knight Rises Tumbler, the '89 Batmobile, and numerous DC Comics themed items.

Similar to the Autumn and Winter seasonal events, the next item on Psyonix's roadmap is the Spring seasonal event. Other than the event starting in March, details for it are scarce, so expect an announcement on the start date and themed items soon.

Following the seasonal event, the Spring feature update will release in March or April, which includes Tournaments, Rocket League Radio, and more...

RLCS Season 5 Talent

Featuring many familiar faces from previous seasons, RLEsports announced the official talent lineup for RLCS Season 5.

  • Host: Alex “Axeltoss” Rodriguez
  • Analyst: Mike “Quinn Lobdell” Behrouzi
  • Analyst: Kevin “FindableCarpet” Brown
  • Analyst: Randy “Gibbs” Gibbons
  • Analyst: Callum “Mega Shogun” Kier
  • Analyst: Caleb “WavePunk” Simmons
  • Analyst: Adam “Lawler” Thornton
  • Analyst: James “Jamesbot” Villar

Rival Series Play-In

The past month teams have competed in open qualifiers for 1 of 128 spots in the Rival Series Play-In. This weekend those 128 teams will battle it out for 4 Rival Series spots.

Region Day Time Stream Bracket
NA March 10th 3 PM EST .tv/RocketLeague Link
EU March 11th 12 PM EST .tv/RocketLeague Link

Gfinity Elite Series

Last Tuesday Elite Series organizations publicized their rosters for the Season 3. This weekend the Elite Series teams will open Season 3 with Week 1 fixtures:

  • Vitality vs Nordavind
  • Hashtag vs Envy
  • Unilad vs Method
  • Epsilon vs Ares

Catch all of the matches at .tv/GfinityTV on Saturday at 10AM-2PM GMT!

Throwdown Championship

Oceania's premier tournament series begins Saturday with a play-in for the upcoming season. 16 teams will vie for 6 spots and the opportunity to join Tainted Minds and 3-time Champions Chiefs in Season 5 league play.

Play starts Sunday at 11AM AET on .tv/ThrowdownTV!




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