Tournaments Beta Launches

Tournaments Beta Launches

The PC-only Tournaments beta began last Wednesday and was extended through yesterday morning.

Tournaments introduces an easy-to-use single-elimination bracket format to Rocket League. Players simply browse a listing of tournaments, sign-up, and are automatically pulled into their matches. Organizers are able to configure a myriad of options, including:

  • Game Modes: Soccar, Hoops, Snow Day, Rumble, Dropshot
  • Team Sizes: 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4
  • Bracket Size: 8-128 entrants
  • Rounds: Best-of-1, Best-of-3, Best-of-5, Best-of-7
  • Ranks: Mininum and Maximum
  • Permissions: Public and Private events

Tournaments will be released in March or April with the Spring feature update.

Quality-of-Life Features

In addition to the new Tournaments feature, the beta also included multiple new Quality-of-Life features:

  • Primary color options have been expanded.
  • Items can be pushed to the top of their list by favoriting them.
  • Cars can be equipped by team color.
  • Network settings (client send rate, server send rate, and bandwith limit) can be adjusted in-game.
  • Informational connection quality notifications can be enabled.
  • Match notifications (time updates and kickoffs) can be enabled or disabled.

Notice: The above is a list of prominent features and should not be considered comprehensive.

Rocket League Radio

Announced last June, Rocket League Radio will release with the Spring Update.

Sharp-eyed players might have noticed the radio in the Tournaments beta. Players will be able to listen to the Monstercat playlists throughtout the in-game modes.


Starting last May, Psyonix began a promotional partnership for Rocket League on the WWE network. Yesterday, they renewed their promotional partnership for 2018.

Fans will also be able to acquire WWE themed items in Rocket League later this year.


RLCS Qualifiers continue today and tomorrow with Qualifier #3 and with the last qual of the season, #4, on Saturday and Sunday. RLRS play-ins are March 10th for North America and March 11th for Europe.

Qualifier Dates Europe North America
1 Feb 17-18 Bracket Bracket
2 Feb 24-25 Bracket Bracket
3 Feb 27-28 Bracket Bracket
4 Mar 3-4 Bracket Bracket

Throwdown Open Series

Over the past month the top teams in Oceania competed in the Throwdown Open Series. The league concluded on Saturday with a Gauntlet finals. Read more...




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