Roadmap Updates and New Toys

Roadmap Updates and New Toys

In the Spring Roadmap, Psyonix detailed the new update schedule and the release dates of new features (tournament, QoL elements, connection quality information, and more). Today, they expanded on the future of alternate game modes and the status of updates to previously released features.

  • Future updates (ex. tournaments, progressions) will focus on the core soccar game mode.
  • Competitive play for previously released alternate game modes (Dropshot, Hoops, Rumble, and Snow Day) is being discussed.
  • Features are prioritized by the amount of players who benefit.

Outside of roadmap updates, Psyonix also announced a new line of light-up clip-on toys, which will be released in March. These new toys come after the success of the pull-back racers that released last year.

Gold Rush 2

After last year's very successful Beyond the Summit style Gold Rush event, the community run and funded venture will take place again this weekend with Gold Rush 2. With sponsorship from Twitch and Red Bull, expect Gold Rush 2 to be one of the biggest community events of the year!

The fun will begin with a meet and greet at the San Fransico Razer Store on Thursday night, while the competitions and streams will start on Friday at .tv/GoldRushGG!


  • GarrettG
  • Kronovi
  • Jacob
  • Sizz
  • JKnaps
  • Dappur
  • Metsanauris
  • kuxir97 miztik
  • Turbopolsa


  • Rizzo
  • Espeon

League of Rockets

After weeks of silence, League of Rockets teased fans on Friday with a picture of the new trophy and one word: "Monday."

Yesterday, they delivered a trailer for the upcoming event. Year Two, with a $10,000 Psyonix sponsored prize pool, will be streamed on .tv/TheLeagueOfRockets February 17th at 3 PM ET and will feature 12 of the best 1v1 players in the world:

  • Scrub Killa
  • Kaydop
  • kuxir97
  • Turbopolsa
  • Lethamyr
  • Fairy Peak
  • Oscillon
  • Kronovi
  • florus
  • Markydooda
  • ClayX
  • Sharrieff

Ranked Hoops

Ranked Hoops, the epicenter of competitive Rocket League Hoops events, is celebrating their 1 Year Anniversary with a $250 2v2 Hoops tournament on February 11th. Join in on the festivities by registering on!




As the roster lock dates for RLCS (02/09) and RLRS (02/14) near, teams are beginning to finalize and announce their rosters. For an up-to-date status on RLCS roster moves, bookmark Octane's RLCS Roster Tracker and Liquipedia's Transfer page.

Check out /r/RocketLeagueEsports' curated resources list for a bevy of information on the Rocket League competitive scene.

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