Steam Best Sellers

Steam Best Sellers

For the 3rd year in a row, Rocket League has made the top 12 of Steam's yearly list of top selling games. Here is the list from every since Rocket League's release in 2015: 2017, 2016, 2015.

6Mans Showdown

Over the past year 6Mans has grown in popularity with Rocket League professionals in Europe, North America, and Oceania. Similar to CSGO’s ESEA system, 6Mans pools players together into random 3v3 teams for a set of matches. Results are tracked on a player level and are organized into a leaderboard. Given its popularity, Twitch organized the 6Mans Showdown for Rank S (professional) players in Europe and North America over the 2nd half of December. With a $5,000 prize pool on the line in each region, Mognus (EU) and GarrettG (NA) claimed the #1 spots. For the full results, see the Reddit thread or the Octane article.

CyberGamer 2018 Roadmap

CyberGamer will be investing $36,000 AUD into Oceanic Rocket Leauge across multiple events in 2018. From Octane's Paz, read more...


  • 1000€ prize-pool
  • 2 PM CET January 21st
  • 8 invited teams: Flipsid3 Tactics, Method, EnVyUs, exceL Esports, ...
  • 8 open qualifier teams (Saturday January 13th)

Read more... (French)

Endpoint not returning for Gfinity Season 3

Despite claiming the Gfinity Elite Series Season 1 Championship and placing 2nd in Season 2, Endpoint will not be returning to the Elite Series after "Gfinity made the decision not to renew our franchise contract for 2018." Read more...

Rating 1.0

Based off of John Hollinger's work in the NBA, dexzy released Player Effiency Rating (PER) for Rocket League in October 2017. By expanding on the in-game statistics, PER is able offer insight into individual player performances in a team-based game.

Now, dexzy has released the successor to his PER system, Rating 1.0. Check out his work on Rating 1.0 and its future features on his site.

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