Rocket League Year in Review

Rocket League Year in Review



  • 38 million unique players and 2 billion games played since the 2015 launch
  • Rocket League China beta
  • November Nintendo Switch release
  • Esports: RLCS, Universal Open, X Games, ELEAGUE Cup, Collegiate Rocket League (CRL)
  • New server regions (South Africa and Asia)

Goals for 2018

  • Improve server performance
  • Improve Xbox One performance
  • Release in-game tournaments
  • Unlock items through the leveling (progression) system
  • Release cross-platform partying

6Mans Showdown

Over the past year 6Mans has grown in popularity with Rocket League professionals in Europe, North America, and Oceania. Similar to CSGO’s ESEA system, 6Mans pools players together into random 3v3 teams for a set of matches. Results are tracked on a player level and are organized into a leaderboard. Given its popularity, Twitch has organized the 6Mans Showdown for Rank S (professional) players.

  • The Twitch 6Mans Showdown runs from December 17th to December 31st (New Years Eve).
  • A $5,000 prize pool is available in both Europe and North America.
  • Competitors must play 40 matches to be eligible for prizes.
  • In North America, only 4 players have completed 40 matches: Torment (42), Lachinio (54), CorruptedG (42), and Dappur (40). -The next closest to claiming prizes are GarrettG (29), Fireburner (33), and EPICJonny (30).
  • In Europe, only 4 players have completed 40 matches: Ferra (43), EyeIgnite (41), ViolentPanda (42), Snaski (40). -The next closest to claiming prizes are Yukeo (32), FreaKii (31), remkoe (38), Metsanauris (35), and Bluey (35).

DreamHack Leipzig Online Qualifiers

Main Event

  • Leipzig, Germany
  • January 26-28
  • $50,000 prize-pool
  • 4 invited teams: G2 Esports, Method, PSG eSports, and Gale Force Esports

  • 4 qualifed teams: 2 from Europe and 2 from North America (see below)

    • Lodging and travel paid-for


  • Day 1 - January 13

  • Day 2 - January 14

    • Closed Registration
    • 16 teams: RLCS Season 5 + Day 1 teams
    • Best-of-5 Double-Elimination Bracket -8 teams begin in the upper bracket and 8 teams begin in the lower bracket
    • Top 2 teams receive trips to compete at DreamHack Leipzig


Gold Rush 2

  • The Nine:

    • GarrettG
    • Kronovi
    • Jacob
    • Sizz
    • JKnaps
    • Dappur
    • Metsanauris
    • kuxir97
    • Turbopolsa
  • Events:

    • 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 tournaments
    • Show-matches
  • Casters:

    • Rizzo
    • Espeon
    • More...
  • Merchandise and Donations: The Gold Rush 24 Karat Shop
  • February 9-11
  • Bay Area, California


Rocket League Replay Analysis

On Saturday, /u/enzankiars released a video showcasing his replay analysis tool. Built on top of Rocket League Replay Parser, /u/enzankiars's tool adds additional features to the standard in-game player statistics, including:

  • Live view of the replay
  • Live top-down view of player positions
  • Possesion: the amount of time since the ball was last touched by a team
  • Pressure: the amount of time the ball is on the other team's side


Double (Wolf) Dash

Last Wednesday /u/usedwolf's clip of a double dash soared in popularity on the subreddit. The new mechanic takes use of the wave-dash and side-dashing abilities to launch to supersonic speeds in an unheard of amount of time. Read more...

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