Velocity Crate

Velocity Crate

Yesterday, Psyonix added the Velocity Crate to Rocket League. The Velocity Crate features 1980s pop culture themed items, including the new battle-car, the Imperator DT5. For more information on the new crate, visit the official blog post and the detailed item post by /u/masterpie102.

US Central Servers

Player from across the North American Rocket League community have been begging for a US Central server region option for months. Psyonix, via Game Director Corey Davis, have acknowledged the requests and have stated that it is being looked into but they do not want to implement a change until they know it will not affect US West and US East players. Source


The ELEAGUE Cup: Rocket League $150,000 8 team invitational was held this weekend. For more information on the weekend’s events, see the table below and the /r/RLCSnews event recap.

Day Stream /r/RLCSnews Megathread
1 Day 1 Recap Link Recap
2 Day 2 Recap Link Recap
3 Day 3 Recap Link Recap

CRL National Championship

Universities around North America have been competing in the Collegiate Rocket League for a chance at the title of National Champion. In the recent CRL playoffs, participating teams were whittled down to a top 8, which will compete for the National Championship this weekend on

With the championship approaching, the CCA has released their latest Power Rankings.

Roster News

Tainted Minds acquires the Pale Horse Roster

League of Rockets Qualifier

In the middle of November, the League of Rockets announced their $10,000 winner-take-all 12 player invitational with their Year 2 video. This past week they announced that 2 of the 12 spots would be filled in a qualifier featuring the top 100 players on PC from around the world. On Monday, the full list of eligible players was released. The qualifiers will be held at Dec 6th and 7th. The date(s) for the 12 player competition have not been announced yet.

MLD Season 6 Draft

In anticipation of their 6th Season, Minor League Doubles hosted their Platinum League and Champion League Drafts this weekend. Teams from around the league compiled their rosters for the coming season in hopes of making a championship run. Season 6 League Play begins in January. Before then, teams will be preparing for the season with scrimmages and events like the MLD Preseason Showdown, which will occur on December 17th at 2 PM ET on

Who you might recognize

  • SnipaEagleEye from Nexus Gaming is captaining the Platinum Aviators
  • MLD Founder HalfShelledHero was selected in the 1st round of the Platinum Draft by the Elite
  • Team manager and SPL owner Jimmer was selected by the Champion Bulls
  • SPL Director Alstedo was selected by the Champion Comets
  • Nexus Atokad was selected by the Hurricanes
  • SPL Director Badgey is captaining the Champion Pandas
  • RLC Owner and RLCS / Twitch Staff CloudFuel is captaining the Champion Puffins
  • The celebrity Champion Rhinos drafted SunlessKhan and JorbyPls


Out of the OCE region, shadey and others have organized a collection of 6Mans communities, which allow players to compete in 3v3 scrimmages with other players in a similar skill level. For more information, see /u/shadeyRL’s post.

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