The ELEAGUE Cup: Rocket League starts this Friday with group stages and ends on Sunday with an elimination playoff bracket. Over $150,000 is on the line, so expect the top 8 from the World Championship to be on their best form.


Group A Group B
Chiefs Cloud9
G2 Method
Gale Force MockIt
Ghost PSG


Talent Role
Richard Lewis Desk Host
Alex "Goldenboy" Mendez Stage Host
Caleb "WavePunk" Simmons Caster
Michael "Achieves" Williams Caster
Kevin "FindableCarpet" Brown Caster
Adam "Lawler" Thorton Caster


Date Time Twitch YouTube
Friday, Dec 1st 2 PM ET Link Link
Saturday, Dec 2nd 2 PM ET Link Link
Sunday, Dec 3rd 2 PM ET Link Link

Time Conversion

Roster News

Pale Horse Esports Contract Ends

Smash.gg Boom

Smash.gg is a tournament platform that facilitates the organization of tournaments. Rocket League tournament organizers (RLCS, Nexus, SPL, etc.) use Smash.gg to host their events. As well as being successful in our community, Smash.gg has a large following in Melee, Marvel vs Capcom, Street Fighter, and more. All of this success has led them to be spotlighted by Business Insider as startup about to “boom.”

Nexus Gaming is producing Sol League

Nexus Gaming has stepped up to stream and produce content for Sol League. Expect to see more nightly league play matches and the tune into the grand finals on December 10th!

Rotation Guide

Jayless has published an instructional guide on the basics of rotation in Rocket League. It’s a great tool if your are not familiar with or are looking to refresh yourself on the basics of rotations.


Beyond is hosting their November monthly tomorrow night.

Registration Prize Date Time Twitch
Link $1000 Nov 29th 7 PM ET Link

MLD Season 6

Minor League Double's Season 6 begins this weekend with the Platinum and Champion League Drafts. Tune in to see the landings spots of familiar community figures like CloudFuel, JorbyPls, Dazerin, and more!

  • Platinum League: Sat Dec 2nd @ 5 PM ET
  • Champion League: Sun Dec 3rd @ 3 PM ET

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