Player's Choice Crate Refresh

Player's Choice Crate Refresh

The Player’s Choice Crate’s contents were decided in February after a week of community voting. Given the length of time since then and the addition of new items to the game, Psyonix has decided to adjust the contents of the crate based on “community sentiment and player trading data.” For more information, see the official post.


Competitive Matchmaking Ban Adjustments

Up until now, players have been banned for 15 minutes from matchmaking whenever they left a game early. Now, Psyonix has introduced a tiered banning system that takes into account previous bans and offenses. For more information, see the official post.


Cyberpower #ExtremeSeries Invitational

Over the weekend, Cyberpower held their 2nd Rocket League invitational. 8 teams were invited to compete in a $5K double-elimination bracket. For more info, see the /r/RLCSnews post.


Collegiate Rocket League

Over the last 2 weeks, universities from across North America competed in the their conferences playoffs. 2 teams from each conference and 8 teams in total advanced to the national championship. The date of the national championship has not been announced yet, but you can see a full list of the qualified teams below.

UPDATE: The National Championship will take place December 9-10. Visit TESPA's site for the bracket.


Conference University Placement
Northern Ohio State 1
Northern Gryphons 2
Southern UNCC - 1 1
Southern UNT Eagles 2
Eastern Northeastern Red 1
Eastern UMD 2
Western Cal Poly Pomona 1
Western Mustangs 2


Roster News

Hollywood Hammers announces Vince as a starter, Lemonpuppy to sub, Loomin to coach

Kiaa departs Pale Horse Esports

Montyconnor departs from Dark Sided

Nomad joins Lights Out!

Scylla Esports Disbands


League of Rockets - Year Two

The League of Rockets (LoR) focus on unique marketing and presentation has distinguished it from other organizations and events in the Rocket League scene. Over the past year, they have organized a cinematic 1v1 invitational and a replica of the FIFA World Cup in their own Rocket League World Cup. In traditional LoR-style, they released a dramatic video to announce their 2nd year and next event, a 12 player 1v1 $10K winner-take-all invitational.


RL Esports Wiki is Back!!!

After a long hiatus, the RL Esports Wiki is back to provide a comprehensive collection of Rocket League event information. Check out the new site!


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