ELEAGUE Cup Announced

ELEAGUE Cup Announced

ELEAGUE, a global esports tournament organizer, announced their plans for a Rocket League invitational, in partnership with Psyonix, for the beginning of December. The ELEAGUE Cup: Rocket League will be streamed live on Twitch and YouTube and presented as a feature series on TBS later.

Invited teams have not been announced yet, but expect to see familiar faces from the recent World Championship.

  • Format: 8 team invitational
  • Prize Pool: $150,000
  • Date: December 1-3
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
  • Tickets: Link

Nintendo Switch

Today, Rocket League released on Nintendo Switch. Switch users will be able to unlock Mario, Luigi, and Samus themed cars. Switch users will also be playing one of the first ever games with cross-platform play, which allows them to play with Xbox and PC users.


Patch Notes v1.39

Psyonix added a new Batmobile goal explosion and added servers in South Africa, Singapore, and Taiwan in Thursday's v1.39 update. For a full list of changes, read the patch notes.

Gale Force Wins the World Championship

  • In 3 of their past 4 LAN events, Gale Force had placed 2nd. This was their 1st win together.
  • Gale Force finished 3rd in European League Play, with a 5-2 record.
  • Gale Force won the European Regional Championship.
  • Turbopolsa is the first two-time World Champion.
  • Europe has won 3 World Championships in a row.

    • For a more in-depth look at placement in the World Championships by region, check out /u/vltz’s post
  • Squishy scored the goal of the tournament in the lower finals against Method.

Day MEGATHREAD Player of the Day Recap
1 Link Lethamyr Link
2 Link ViolentPanda Link
3 MEGATHREAD MVP: Turbopolsa

Bracket | VOD Links

CRL Playoffs

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
Link Link Link Later Today

Roster News


JAM Gaming releases Express, Monty Connor, and Shadey


Slokh released a re-branding of his statistics website. Check out statistics from major esports events in Rocket League at octane.gg!

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