RLCS Welcomes New Sponsors

RLCS Welcomes New Sponsors

HyperX and MGM Resorts have joined Mobil1, Old Spice, Brisk, and Nissin Cup Noodles in sponsoring RLCS, just in time for the Season 4 World Championship this weekend.

Nintendo Switch at World Championship

Rocket League will be released on the Nintendo Switch a week from tomorrow, November 14th. If you are on the fence about picking it up and would like to demo it, Psyonix will have playable units available at the World Championship.

Season 5 Rank Distribution

After a little over a month since the Autumn Update and Competitive Season 6 went live, Psyonix has released data on the distribution of ranks in the season. In addition, /u/Nerdword generated a cumulative look at the same data.

RLCS World Championship

Day Date Time Twitch
1 November 10th (Friday) 12 PM ET twitch.tv/RocketLeague
2 November 11th (Saturday) 12 PM ET twitch.tv/RocketLeague
3 November 12th (Sunday) 12 PM ET twitch.tv/RocketLeague

For time conversions, try https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/.

Broadcast Talent
Talent Role
Alex “Axeltoss” Rodriguez Desk Host
Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez Stage Host
Callum “Shogun” Keir Caster
Adam “Lawler” Thornton Caster
Kevin “FindableCarpet” Brown Caster
Caleb “WavePunk” Simmons Caster
Michael “Quinn Lobdell” Behrouzi Caster / Analyst
Randy “Gibbs” Gibbons Analyst
James “Jamesbot” Villar Analyst
David “yumi_cheeseman” Lane Analyst
Jamie “Karma” Bickford Analyst
Seed Team Region
1 Gale Force Esports Europe
2 Method Europe
3 MockIt Esports Europe
4 PSG eSports Europe
1 Cloud9 North America
2 Ghost North America
3 NRG North America
4 G2 Esports North America
1 Chiefs ESC Oceania
2 Pale Horse Esports Oceania
Recent Results
Tournament Region
NARLI International
PRL Rival Week 2 International
RLCS NA Championship North America
RLCS EU Championship Europe
SPL Gauntlet EU Europe
SPL Gauntlet NA North America
Throwdown Championship Oceania

Collegiate Rocket League

League play for CRL concluded with Week 4 last Monday and Tuesday. Tune in for college carball regional playoffs tonight at 8 PM ET on twitch.tv/RLEsports!

For up-to-date standings and statistics on CRL, make sure to keep /u/PaTcHiZzEl7397 Stats Sheet bookmarked.

Player Efficiency Rating

Recently, DMRawlings and The Half Flip have provided statistical analysis for professional Rocket League. DMR’s article covered various metrics related to score, goals, assists, saves, etc. The Half Flip have introduced team ELO ratings.

Now, Dexzy has proposed the use of player efficiency rating (PER) to compare individual players. For a detailed description of the metric, read his article.


WayProtein has compiled a list of training packs and accompanying tutorial videos. If you are looking to improve your Rocket League skills, make sure to check out Rocket League Training. In addition, he has also collected a large categorized list of training packs.

Hitbox Specification

As most are aware, the battle cars in Rocket League are differentiated by their hitboxes and turning radiuses. In the past, various people have released information on battle car hitboxes after updates. Now, /u/Trelgne has posted a detailed specification of the hitboxes for the battle cars after the Autumn Update.

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