Rocket League on Switch November 14

Rocket League on Switch November 14

Today, Psyonix announced that Rocket League would be available on Nintendo Switch November 14th for $19.99.

Warner Bros Retail Partnership

Thursday, news came out that Warner Bros and Psyonix would be partnering on a global retail distribution agreement. In other words, we are likely to see an edition of Rocket League in stores with all of the latest DLC in-time for the holidays. Expect to see more information in the coming weeks.

Esports at the Olympics

A little over a month ago, Jeremy Dunham, VP of Psyonix, sent out a feeler from Psyonix to the official Olympics account, presumably about including Rocket League in the Olympics in the future. Yesterday, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) released details about the inclusion of esports in the Olympics. Namely, that “esports would need a worldwide governing federation for the IOC to work with, and the events should comport with the values of the Olympic movement.” Currently, no such governing body exists for esports.

Esports News

Throwdown Championship

Oceania’s finest 4 assembled at PAX Austrialia for the Throwdown Championship this weekend at PAX Australia. In the double-elimination bracket, JAM Gaming immediately put Scylla in the lower bracket with a 3-0 sweep. Similarly, Chiefs ESC cleaned house with Pale Horse. In the lower bracket, Pale Horse edged out Scylla with a 3-2 victory. Then, Chiefs ESC mashed JAM Gaming (4-2) in the upper bracket finals. In the lower bracket finals, Pale Horse stamped to a 4-1 victory over a reeling JAM Gaming team, putting them in a rematch with Chiefs ESC. In the grand finals, Chiefs ESC again proved their dominance over Pale Horse, sweeping 4-0 and claiming the Oceania Champion title.

For the 2nd season in a row, Chiefs ESC come into the World Championship as the #1 team from Oceania. Pale Horse are new to the World Championship stage. They will start off by playing PSG, who placed 2nd in EU League Play and 2nd at NARLI.

TL;DR - Chiefs ESC (1) and Pale Horse Esports (2) advanced to the World Championship in Washington D.C.

RLCS Promotional Playoffs


  • RLCS: EnVyUs and Fnatic
  • RLRS: Team Secret and The Juicy Kids

North America

  • RLCS: Renegades and Out of Style
  • RLRS: Fibeon and Allegiance

RLCS World Championship


  • Day 1: Fri Nov 10th @ 12 PM ET
  • Day 2: Sat Nov 11th @ 12 PM ET
  • Day 3: Sun Nov 12th @ 12 PM ET

Location: MGM National Harbor Theatre in Washington D.C.
Bracket: Link

Qualified Teams

  • North America: Cloud9 (1), Ghost (2), NRG (3), and G2 Esports (4)
  • Europe: Gale Force Esports (1), Method (2), MockIt Esports (3), and PSG eSports (4)
  • Oceania: Chiefs ESC (1) and Pale Horse Esports (2)

Collegiate Rocket League

TESPA began streaming this season of Collegiate Rocket League (CRL) last Monday and Tuesday. They will be streaming the final week of league play this week and beginning playoffs next week. Make sure to tune in tonight and tomorrow for more collegiate carball action with Achieves and Corelli on!

For up-to-date statistics on CRL, make sure to keep /u/PaTcHiZzEl7397 Stats Sheet bookmarked.

Roster News


Around the Community

The Gauntlet (sponsored by Psyonix)


  • Day 1: Teams play to qualify for 1 of 4 spots in Day 2.
  • Day 2: 4 qualified and 4 invited teams face off in a single elimination bracket. Invited teams to-be-announced.

Prize: $2500 per region

  • Day 1: Nov 2nd @ 4 PM GMT
  • Day 2: Nov 5th @ 5 PM GMT

North America:

  • Day 1: Nov 1st @ 4 PM PT
  • Day 2: Nov 4th @ 12 PM PT

More Information: Link

October #Astronauts by Beyond Entertainment

Beyond’s monthly $1000 3v3 tournament, which regularly features the top teams from North America, is tonight at 7 PM ET. Tune at!

For more information, see Saucey’s post.

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