RLCS Wheels

RLCS Wheels

If you are attending the World Championship in Washington D.C., you will receive a free set of in-game wheels.

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Northern Arena Rocket League Invitational (NARLI)

In what is likely to be the best preview of the RLCS Season 4 World Championship, 7 of the 8 EU & NA World Championship qualified teams participated in Northern Arena’s $30,000 invitational this weekend.

  • Since their formation, Gale Force and G2 had their lowest LAN placement, at 5th and 7th respectively.
  • 75% of the Top 4 teams were from North America: Cloud9, NRG, and Ghost.
  • Cloud9 won their 2nd LAN in a row, previously winning DreamHack Atlanta in July.
  • Method and NRG will face off again at the World Championship. NRG took the series (3-2) this weekend.


Collegiate Rocket League League Play

In September, students from universities across North America qualified for League Play in the Collegiate Rocket League (CRL). Over the next 2 Monday and Tuesdays, 8 teams each from the 4 regional conferences (North, South, East, and West) will compete in CRL League Play. Tune in to the new channel twitch.tv/RLEsports.

Date: Oct 23-24, Oct 30-31
Time: 5 PM PT
Prize: $50K in Scholarships
Twitch: RLEsports

Throwdown S2 Championship: PAX Australia

After 5 weeks of league play, 4 teams advanced to the Throwdown Championship at PAX Australia: JAM Gaming, Chiefs Esports Club, Pale Horse eSports, and Scylla Esports. 2 of those teams will advance to the RLCS Season 4 World Championships in D.C. Tune in this Sunday to see who will claim the final 2 World Championship spots!

Date: Sunday Oct 29
Time: 11 AM AEST / 12 AM UTC
Prize: $25K
Twitch: ThrowdownTV

Throwdown Stats and Standings

The OCE Power Rankings - 10/10 - 16/10

RLCS Promotional Playoff

On October 29th, EnVyUs (1), Team Secret (2), Fnatic (3), and The Juicy Kids (4) will play for the final 2 RLCS spots in Europe.

On October 28th, Allegiance (1), Renegades (2), Fibeon (3), and OutOfStyle (4) will play for the final 2 RLCS spots in North America.

Times are TBA, so keep an eye on the RLCS Twitter for the latest updates.

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Around the Community

Local Events (LANs) in October

Mad City is holding their 4th Rocket League LAN event this weekend, featuring several of the most recognizable casters in the community: Dazerin, Stax, Curtis, and Sphyrnidae. Watch it live on Twitch!

Location: Middleton, Wisconsin
Date: October 28th-29th
Time: Saturday, Check-in: 10AM. Sunday Check-in: 11AM. Tournament:12:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Format: 2v2 BYOC
Prize: $1000
Discord: Invite
Register: Link
More Information: Link

Check the Reddit post for a full list of LANs ocurring in October!

Elevate League Tier 2 Open Qualifier

Elevate League organizes 8-week seasons for 3 tiers of players:

  • Tier 1: Bronze 1 - Gold 3
  • Tier 2: Platinum 1 - Diamond 3
  • Tier 3: Champion 1 - Grand Champion

They are currently looking for more players that fit the Tier 2 criteria. For more information, check out their Reddit post.

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