Autumn Update Releases

Autumn Update Releases

Last Thursday, Psyonix released the Autumn Update, which included: new arena variations, player banners, new common items, a new crate, transparent goalposts, Director mode, stick sensitivity, competitive Season 5, and more. For a more detailed look at the new features, check the patch notes!

Esports News


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RLCS Season 4 Europe: Week 4

In all likelihood, one of RLCS’s former World Champions is not going to make the European Regional Championship. After taking losses to exceL (2-3) and Gale Force Esports (2-3) this weekend, Flipsid3 sits right below Envy at #7 in the table. Next Sunday, Envy plays #1 PSG and #4 Gale Force and Flipsid3 takes on #8 Team Secret.

After 4 and a half weeks, PSG and Method, both at 5-0, finally met to claim the #1 spot in Europe. After a very close series 3-2 series, PSG took first and are on their way to gathering the top seed in the playoffs. Elsewhere in the table, Gale Force swept their weekend, defeating Flipsid3 and Mockit both 3-2.

Results and Standings

Old Spice Player of the Week: Chausette

RLCS Season 4 North America: Week 4

After the penultimate week of league play, North America has really tightened up at the top. Cloud9, Ghost, and G2 at 4-1 and NRG at 4-2 are all vying for the top 2 spots, trying to guarantee themselves a place at the World Championships. FlyQuest has been a team of highs and lows. After their Week 2 0-2, they came back in Week 3 with a 2-0 weekend sweep. They suffered another 0-2 sweep this weekend and are looking to their match against Allegiance to keep them in the top 6 and the playoffs. Renegades had another tough weekend. After their 1-3 loss to Ghost, they brought in Mijo against Rogue. However, the results did not change, as they were swept. After 4 weeks, Renegades has been eliminated from playoff contention and will be playing the promotion / relegation matches later this month.

Results and Standings

Old Spice Player of the Week: Zanejackey

RLCS Season 4 Oceania: Week 3



The OCE Power Rankings - 18/09 - 24/09

RLRS Season 4: Week 4

In Europe, The Leftovers sealed the top spot; they’ll be playing in the promotion / relegation playoff at the end of October. Endpoint and The Juicy Kids are contending for the other RLCS promotion spot in Week 5. eRa and ExRay both have a 3-3 record and are looking to claim the final RLRS spot for next season.

In North America, Fibeon clinched a top 2 spot and a chance at RLCS promotion this week by taking down Ambition Esports (3-2) and Incognito (3-0). Hollywood Hammers and Out of Style both improved to a 5-1 record and will be competing for the other top 2 spot in North America in Week 5. Myth Gaming, Ambition Esports, and Kinematics are all fighting for the #4 spot and the last spot in RLRS for next season.

Results and Standings

Collegiate Rocket League

CRL Qualifier #2 Recap

Roster News

eRa signs Most Wanted

HotWheelsSid leaves Splyces

Myth Gaming acquires Premature Superhero Cops

Around the Community

RLCS S4 Playoff Scenarios

Statistics extraordinaire Nathan Allen released a playoff scenario tool last week. Use it to see each team’s chances at making playoffs in RLCS and RLRS in North America and Europe.

Playoff Scenarios by Nathan Allen

Local Events (LANs)

As RLCS Season 5 nears its hiatus period, organizers from around the community have begun announcing their LANs for October. Check the Reddit post for more a list of LANs from around the world!

MLD Playoffs

Last night, MLD hosted the Conference Finals for Season 5. In the Blue Conference, the Ducks swept the Foxes 4-0, advancing to their 2nd Championship in a row. In the Orange Conference, the Flames came back from a 2 game deficit to take the series 4-3 over the Rhinos. The Ducks and Flames will face off in the MLD Season 5 Championship next Saturday at 9 PM ET on the MLD Network.

Greatest Games in Rocket League

With the help of Liefx, FluuMP created a list of the “Top 10 Greatest Rocket League Games of All Time.” It’s a comprehensive list that includes the best games from MLG, RLC Pro League, and RLCS. Check out the video!


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