Broadcasting Rocket League

Broadcasting Rocket League

As an administrator and broadcast assistant for Rocket League events since Summer 2016, it hurts when I see broadcasters make common mistakes that are avoidable with the proper information.

Before Game

  • Appear offline on Steam

    1. Open the Steam friend list
    2. Click the arrow next to your username
    3. Select Offline
  • Enable background audio

    1. Instructions
  • Disable camera shake

    1. Click Options
    2. Click Camera
    3. Uncheck Camera Shake
  • Disable in-game chat

    1. Click Options
    2. Switch Text Chat to Disabled

Server Creation

From the main menu, navigate to the Create Private Match screen (see below):

  1. Click Play
  2. Click Private Match
  3. Click Create Private Match

Private Match Menu

Most of the options here are pretty self explanatory. We'll highlight several that require further description:

  • The Team Size option only matters for bot matches. There are always 10 slots in a lobby (8 are usable for players). Fill empty slots to avoid joins by third parties.
  • Set the Bot Difficulty to "No Bots"
  • Set team names and colors under Team Settings (optional)

    • Match team colors to logos (ex. Cloud9 as Blue team and NRG as Orange team)
    • Remember to update these values between matches
  • For soccar matches, restore mutators to the defaults settings

    1. Click Mutator Settings
    2. Click Restore Defaults
  • Set the Joinable By option to "Name/Password"

    • Choose a unique name and password (i.e. not easily guessable)
  • Once the lobby has been created, verify the server region

    1. Click Spectate
    2. View the scoreboard (Tab on keyboard)
    3. Verify that the server name (top-left) begins with the correct region acronym


There are 4 cameras for spectating Rocket League:

  1. Player: shows exactly what a player sees
  2. Fly: allows for manual movement around the arena (similar to SkyCam)
  3. Auto: operates as an automated fly cam, seamlessly moving around the arena and following the action
  4. Director: automated system that uses both player cam and auto cam to follow the action

Spectator was first introduced in August 2015 in Patch v1.04.

Player cam does not show team build-up or team positioning well.

Fly cam is unused in a live environment.

Autocam debuted in Patch v1.15.

Director mode was added in Patch v1.37.

  • Hide unnecessary HUD elements

    1. Click Spectate
    2. Hit the H key once


After a game is finished, you have 45 seconds before the next game begins. Time is limited so prioritize any actions you take.

  • Save the replay (optional)

    • Name the replay according to the teams playing, game number, etc.
  • Make lobby changes (optional)

    1. Click Match Settings
    2. Change Game Mode, Arena, etc. as required

Network issues can lead to players asking for a server recreation. When recreating a lobby make sure you use a new and unique name to avoid split lobbies.

Lobby A is created with "Name - Password." Players are still in Lobby A when Lobby B is created with "Name - Password." Now, there are two lobbies with the same information. Players could join either Lobby A or B.

Thanks to @InanimateJ for his feedback!